William Xie

williamgxie [AT] gmail.com

Office: GDC 3.818E
2317 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712

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About Me

I graduated with a Master's in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Texas at Austin and I am currently searching for software and data engineering positions. I am interested in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. I received my Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University.

In the past, I had been a research assistant in Dr. Peter Stone's Building-Wide Intelligence lab, Dr. James McLurkin's Multi-Robot Systems Lab, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I worked on projects such as grounding natural language to visual features of everyday objects, building a software system combining detection, tracking, and object recognition in videos, implementing firmware and API for a novel robotics gripper, and developing a remote, hands-free bootloader for the robots to wirelessly program a group of other robots. I also served as graduate teaching assistants for machine learning, operating systems, and software engineering courses. I also co-organized the Forum for Artificial Intelligence lecture series.

I lived in China, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. When I have some free time, I enjoy playing the flute and the violin and do a bit of running and ballroom dancing. I also like to tinker with my Miata for more fun per mile driving experience. When I have a lot of free time, I like to travel around the world with my camera to capture different cultures and lifestyles.